Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Sugar Hill Market x Maison d'Art this past weekend was an amazing success with a great assortment of vendors curated to represent local,  fashion, home, beauty and food collections.  Harlem's curated designer boutique mainly focuses on uptown's collective of great talent that often have to go to places like Brooklyn for an audience but have now finally found a home locally with a passionate core audience of shoppers.

SHM is now on a new 2 week cycle and will be at La Maison d'Art within the brownstone garden gallery and parlour floors of 259 West 132nd Street on Sunday November 9th and 30th.  The majority of product categories have a waiting list so if you are an interested vendor that has contacted us and we have not reached out to you, then the position is probably filled.

One category that we are actively still looking for would be men's related fashion or accessories that are non-logo and especially Harlem-based collections. Those who fit into these categories should make sure to contact us directly at: sugarhillmarket@gmail.com

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