Friday, March 14, 2014


These traditional wax print African Cooking Bags that will be at Sugar Hill Market on Sunday March 30th are eco-friendly, made by women in Uganda and are also creatively practical.  Each of these cooking bags developed by a Harlem designer features a printed self fabric strap and drawcord for travel purposes but the main ingenuity here are the miniature fabric pillows stuffed with recycled foam beads that provide insulation.

The idea started as a way of conserving fuel while heating up a recipe in a sauce pot (there is an opening for the handle) since a cook can start their meal in a pot to full boiling temperature, turn off the heat source and then placed the entire container within the insulated interior up until the next 8 hours.  This essentially acts as a slow cooker for stews and even rice dishes which would work quite well for the camping season or someone who wants a novel way to conserve energy at home.

Each bag comes in different fabrics and can also be used instead of a heavy plastic cooler for picnics.  Throw cold ice pack in, then add chilled bottled drinks and head off to the beach or park.  The insulation works to keep hot food warm also and thus one can just place a casserole within and it will stay warm throughout the day.

Thermal African Cooking Bags by A.Berndette, $40 at Sugar Hill Market

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