Saturday, February 15, 2014


Our founding site Harlem Bespoke has had almost 4.5 million page views over the years but we saw a need to launch a more retail focused site for Harlem.  Sugar Hill Market will be a curated market that will move around at each event but this website will also focus on local retailers and shops with a more bespoke point of view.  Artisan and specialty vendors who might otherwise have to go to other markets downtown or in Brooklyn to promote their offerings can now have a platform in Harlem to sell.  Coffee shops, better restaurants and bars all seem to be doing well if they hit the right note uptown but retail is definitely lagging behind.  A core demographic that desires better products does exists in Harlem but needs to be cultivated and encouraged to buy local.  Please make sure to join the Sugar Hill Market Facebook page to stay connected with updates and to also share the information with friends so that we can grow the better retail movement in Harlem:  LINK

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